As Gov Emmanuel Intensifies Construction of Airport Int’l Building


This is the International terminal building of the Victor Attah Airport currently under construction by Governor Udom Emmanuel in Akwa Ibom state.  I visited this project some days ago but decided to keep the pictures for today. This is how I want to celebrate Governor Udom Emmanuel on his 54th birthday  – to use this massive project as a point of contact to all he has done in Akwa Ibom State and what he’s yet to do.

VKS Construction Company is currently at the second floor level of construction of the facility.

The Project Consultant is from Akwa Ibom State. Engineer Francis Uwa spoke in engineering language but I took something back home and I’d share them with you. He said of all the airports we have in Nigeria, that of Akwa Ibom State will be unique because its proximity to West African Countries. He said Akwa Ibomites and those who’d use this facility would have a feel or even a better feeling of what they have at the airport in Dubai.

He said that even before the outbreak of covid-19, the airport was designed to have a digital self check-in by a robot and counter check-in. He said there would be a facility at the airport that would serve as an isolation center.

Engr Uwa said the facility was designed by experts from Nigeria, United Kingdom, United States and Turkey. He said the roof is a special roof that can last up to 200 years without changing colour.

He said escalators will be pressure sensitive and won’t move except it detects that someone steps on it. Departure area will have outlets of an International Airport. Baggage handlers will be available  to check bag contents through automated system. They’d be Offices  for custom, immigration, drug law enforcement etc. They’d be finger print digital pass or card pass, whether you’re already passenger or staff. They’d be Staff living quarters, locker rooms etc.

He said the Security architecture is very high. The facility will have Four methods of fire prevention – fire extinguishers, fire water sprinkler system, fire detectors (heat, smoke and temperature detectors), FM200 ie automated powder system.

The runway can hold up to 40 aircrafts but when the cargo airport begins, there will be expansion to hold more aircrafts. 

Governor Udom Emmanuel was visionary when he built industries and the 21 Storey smart building because massive investments and businesses  will come into Akwa Ibom State as a result of traffic.

Find attached pictures of the 3D Architectural Design and current state of the facility.  Work at the site is aggressive, despite the rainy season. It must be that they want to meet the deadline.

Happy Birthday Governor Udom Emmanuel. Thank you for all you’ve done for us. Just as the Chairman of Obot Akara said today in his birthday message to you “You have brought the development you’ve seen in developed countries back to us and soon, your vision of making Akwa Ibom State the central point of investments and development in Africa will be actualised”.

I recall too, that Governor Emmanuel during the last media chat said “because of the effect of Covid-19 on the economy of the world, we are getting to a time that blacks will return from America and other places to Africa. I want Akwa Ibom to be that home for them when they return”.

There’s no better way to be celebrated than with the things one has done. Happy Birthday Governor Udom Emmanuel. Thank you for all you’ve done for us as a people and for all you still plan to do.

By Kpebo Thomas


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