Excitement as IBM celebrates Archbishop Archibong

Archbishop Archibong-Archibong. flanked by wife, Bishop Ofonbuk and other Church leaders during the 2019 Daddy Shower

The Intercessors Bible Mission (IBM) has celebrated its leader and founder, Archibishop Archibong Archibong, saying the Engineer-turned-Gospel Minister has impacted their lives meaningfully through the word of God.

The celebration, which was tagged ‘Daddy Showers,’ took place at the IBM headquarters in Calabar on Sunday, December 1, 2019. Worshipers from the Church parishes in and around Nigeria and other anointed servants of God across the nation were on hand to grace the occasion.

Our Correspondent, who monitored activities at the venue of the event, reported that the ‘Daddy Showers’ commenced with a procession from the Archbishop’s personal residence down to the Church premises with beautifully attired groups, women, choir and a paramilitary corps, Promise Cadet, leading the procession.

At the Church premises, members testified of how the onetime Cross River state Chairman of Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, had led them into salvation, saying Archbishop Archibong and his wife, Bishop Ofonbuk Archibong had been dependable spiritual parents and leaders.

Members and groups thereafter took time to lay their voluntary gifts, which were mainly food items, at the feet of the Man of God who took time to pray for God’s blessings upon the people.

In his sermon titled ‘Securing God’s Blessings’,  a visiting Minister and Port Harcourt-based Bishop Jude said it was God’s blessings which adds speed to a man’s life and causes man to take over territories.

“It takes God’s blessings to be useful and established in life,” he stated and admonished Christians to always show appreciation for God’s blessings for the Almighty to continue the work of provision and protection.

In a chat with our reporter shortly after the event, Archibishop Archibong  commended worshipers for showing appreciation, explaining that  he left his blossoming career as engineer in the federal government employ to build lives.

“In those days, I used to build roads but today, I build people’s lives. God knew me before I was born. As a Church leader, I will tell you now that I am more fulfilled in life than then,” he stated.

Asked to comment on incessant abduction of clergies in the country, the Man of God warned that any man who kidnaps a clergy has already destroyed his own life, adding “Kidnapping is a terrible crime and for kidnappers to now kidnap clergymen is a sign of indescribable evil which must not be allowed to fester.

“When you kidnap a man of God, you have destroyed your own life. If the man is a genuine of God, I tell you, God will rise up and fight. Scripture says touch not my anointed and do my prophets no harm. Let them know that any ransom collected from any kidnapped man of God is a dangerous money which would destroy perpetrators of this heinous crime. I must also advise men of God to stop flaunting affluence. This could attract unwarranted attention and even kidnappers and robbers.

“If you, as a man of God, have too much money, please utilize that money in such a way that it would impact on the people directly. You could invest in evangelism, open schools and other ventures which could build lives. Ministers of God should stop living flashy and extravagant lifestyle.”

The clergy man also called on the federal government to do everything within its powers to stop crimes like kidnapping, armed robbery and incessant bloodletting in the country, advising that Christians across all denomination should increase the tempo of their prayers explaining that prayers have capacity to bring to an end all the evils confronting the country.


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