Nigeria’s Resources Not Properly Utilized – CNPP Chair


The Conference of Nigerian Political Parties, CNPP, Cross River State chapter, has submitted that the country was wasting its natural and human resources and that performances of successive Nigerian governments were not commensurate with the resources the country is blessed with.

In an exclusive interview with our reporter in Calabar, the CNPP State Chairman, Mr Sunday Michael, linked Nigeria’s challenges to leadership ineptitude from independence despite the country’s huge resources.

His words: “we’ve not done too well as expected during independence. If you know how much was generated between 1999 and 2019, putting it side by side with infrastructural and human capital development, you would know that we have not done well as a nation.

“Corruption has eaten deep into the fabric which holds the nation. The leadership must find ways to tackle corruption by all means. You cannot expect the country to progress with the endemic corruption we now have as a way of life.

“President Muhammadu Buhari has made the fight against corruption a priority but all instruments are not put in place for the fight to succeed. I expected to see all corrupt past governors put under probe, and not a pocket here and there which many people believe is selected corruption fight.

“The second challenge is that rule of law has been thrown to the gutters and our laws not enforced. If we could enforce at least 50 percent of our laws, hydra-headed problems of corruption and insecurity confronting us would run away. Authorities should tackle corruption headlong.

“Above all, we should practice true federalism. I do not believe in this issue of restructuring that people are crying for. I believe that if we practice true federalism, every agitation and outcry for restructuring will disappear.

“Moribund local government system is the hallmark of a good economy. Local government should be allowed to function as was before. The establishment of State Police would also help in addressing a lot of challenges. If we do this, we will see tremendous development.”

The CNPP leader however noted that it has not altogether been bad tales, adding that despite the challenges, “there is a marked departure from what we had before 1999. Unlike before, the telecommunication industry has recorded significant leap. Our railways are now functioning unlike what we had twenty years ago.

“On GDP, we are number one in Africa and 26th in the world ranking. This shows that Nigeria is not stagnant but making staggered steps. As the President, Governors and all other leaders begin another political journey; I charge them to show unparalleled commitment to the responsibility of taking Nigeria to another height for the sake of posterity .”


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