Eyo Ekpo’s Train Storms South with Message of Hope


The campaign train of the gubernatorial candidate of the Social Democratic Party, SDP in Cross River State, Mr Eyo Ekpo, has stormed Calabar South, Akpabuyo and Bakassi local government areas in the southern senatorial district few weeks after campaigning in both Central and northern districts penultimate week.

Addressing the mammoth crowd which gathered at specific locations to hear him, the governorship hopeful, Mr Eyo Ekpo, flanked by other candidates and supporters,  said the SDP was an alternative to both the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, and the All Progressives Congress, APC, and that his government would restore and rescue the State from glaring maladministration if voted into power.

He said leaders of PDP and APC may tempt electorates with cash inducement prior to or during the March 9, 2019 governorship and State House of Assembly elections but advised them against selling their vote for peanuts, but that they could collect the money but vote for the SDP. He described the voter’s card as what would determine the country’s future.

“We know that before that elections come, they will come and throw money around. That money is your money, when they brings it, take it, but don’t forget that they will not come to us and we will not see them again in four years. What we need is not a governor that will bribe us, but a government that will work for us. A government that will make sure that we have jobs of our own and we can live and fend for ourselves. I am pleading with you, let us remember our future.

‘When a government takes your money and gives you two thousand Naira, he will steal from you two billion Naira. That is what he will do and you will not see him again. Let’s remember, we should not take our future and throw it away because of one thousand Naira, or five hundred Naira. Vote for SDP, that is the party that will work for you. Ours will be a government which caes,” he said.

He further accused Cross River government of not caring for the welfare of the people, alleging that the government only knows and attend to some individuals who are recommended and known by few people in power.

“If you are not anybody that comes through Ben Ayade or Frank Ayade, you are nobody. We don’t have a government that cares for the people. How many of us today in 2019 are better than we were in 2015? Very few, nobody! How many of us in Cross River State today are better than we were in 2007. Nobody!

“What we need is a government that cares for people, a government that knows what to do. I mean a government that will not take your money – the little money that you have and then go away. On 9th of March, we will do an election. That election is for the governorship and the House of Assembly. Vote for all our candidates.

“Today, they are talking of garment factory, Calapharm, rice mill, things which do not work. The government that we want to bring to Cross River State is a government that will work for you, that will provide you with jobs, that will take your young people and give them loans so that they can start their own business, and will provide employment for the rest of us,” Mr Ekpo stated


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