Atiku, All PDP Candidates Leading in C’River


… As Duke, APC Zonal Chairman Eta Lose Polling Unit

Although INEC is yet to officially authenticate the results which trickled in into our newsroom, reports from the field indicate the presidential candidate of the PDP, Atiku Abubakar, is leading his APC opponent, President Muhammadu Buhari, with a wide margin.

Moreover, the embattled presidential candidate of the Social Democratic Party, SDP, Mr Donald Duke and the Zonal Chairman of the All Progressives Congress, Ntufam Hilliard Eta, have lost their polling unit, unit 5 of ward 5 in AME Zion primary school, Diamond in Calabar municipality, to Alhaji Abubakar.

Whereas Duke scored 06 votes and Eta’s APC had 98 votes, Atiku scored 291 votes in the presidential polls. In both the Senatorial and House of Representatives contest, the PDP scored higher.

At the northern part of the State, the smartcard reader could not recognise the fingerprint of the State governor, Ben Ayade. Reports say he had to resort to manual voting in his hometown, Obudu. Ayade attributed the malfunctioning of the card reader to weather condition of Obudu but however commended INEC for improving on logistics.

It was also observed that the smartcard reader had issues in many polling units monitored by our reporter. At Enebong/Afokang polling unit 024 in Calabar South, many eligible voters who had previously voted in 2015 with their voter’s card could not vote because the card readers could not read their fingerprints.

Pastor Imoh Udoh, who was also a victim, left the polling unit in anger after he could not cast his vote. Udoh told our reporter that he was angry that he was technically deprived of his right to vote and accused INEC of disenfranchising many voters in the State.


AME Zion P/S Diamond, unit 5, Ward 5 (Hilliard Eta, Donald Duke, Eyo Ekpo Unit)

House of Reps: APC 140, PDP -215

Senate: APC 198, PDP 207

Presidential:APC 98, PDP 291 SDP 06

Recreational Park, 3rd Avenue , P/S State Housing Estate, Calabar

Rep: PDP 56, APC 32, SDP O1

Senate: PDP 45, APC 42

Presidential: PDP 70, APC 16

Polling Unit 10, Itigidi, Abi LGA

Presidency: PDP 94, APC 2, Void Votes 3

Senate: PDP 96, APC 2, Void 1

House of Representative: PDP 88, APC 07, SDP 1, Void 3

Polling Unit 001, Ogoja Urban Ward 2 Ndok

President: PDP 163, APC 20, PCP 5, invalid votes 10

Senate: PDP 156, APC 34, DNPP 1, invalid votes 8

House of Representatives: PDP 166, APC 29, Invalid 2

Ward 12, Polling Unit 47 Ikom Urban (Holy Child Convent)

President: PDP 96, APC 14

Senate: PDP 92, APC 23

House of Representatives: PDP 89, APC 18

Ward 4, Unit 003, Calabar Municipal

President: APC 34, PDP 249, DCP 4, SDP 2, GPM 1, DPP 1, invalid vote 18

Senate: APC 127, PDP 172, YPP 1, ADC 1, YDP 1, Void votes 6

House of Representatives: APC 88, PDP 202, YPP 3, SDP 1, DPP 1, ADC 1,Void votes 14

Obudu LGA, Okorshie VIllage (Ikwen playground)

President: PDP 212, APC 33, GDP, 1

Senate: PDP 207, APC 32

House of Representatives: PDP 209, APC 32

Creek Town, Odukpani LGA, polling unit 2, Ikot Efiok

President: PDP 68, APC 48

Senate: PDP 70, APC 63

House of Representatives: PDP 64, APC 60

Mbiabong Ito polling unit Odukpani LGA

President: PDP 35, APC 31

Senate: PDP 36, APC 29

House of Representatives: PDP 35, APC 31

Obot Esu Ito polling unit Odukpani LGA (Ito/Idere/Ukwa

President: PDP 49, APC 19

Senate: PDP 48, APC 17

House of Representatives: PDP 47, APC 18

Okpok Ikpa Community Odukpani LGA

President: APC 38, PDP 88

Senate: APC 55, PDP 63

House of Representatives: APC 33, PDP 88

Big Qua Town Hall

President: PDP 257, APC 41

Senate: PDP 190, APC 115

House of Representatives: PDP 222, APC 79

Bebuagam playing ground, Obudu

President PDP317, APC 40

Senate  PDP 309 APC 51

House of Reps PDP 314, APC 47

St Pearse Ijom, Ugep PU 007

President: PDP 418, APC 51

Senate; PDP 429, APC 52

House of Reps: PDP 429, APC 56

Bebuagbong Town Hall, Ipong Ward Obudu

President; PDP 475, APC 45

Senate: PDP367, APC 75

House of Reps: 454 , APC 91

Urban 1, Ishibori

President: PDP 116, APC 31

Senate: PDP88, APC 65

Reps: PDP108, APC 44

P/G Ikaptang Ishiborr Ogoja 010 

President: PDP 488, APC 185


President:APC 18, PDP 356

Senate APC 24, PDP 549

APC 26, PDP 354

Iti’s playground,  Begiaba, Obudu

President: APD 52, PDP 621

Senatorial, APC 48, PDP 628

Fed House-APC 97, PDP 707.

Other results would be updated as they come in


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