Eyo Ekpo decries killing of student at APC rally

    Barr Eyo Ekpo

    The killing of a student of the Federal College of Education, Obudu, right in his country home last Friday, during Senator John Owan Enoh’s guber ambition consultation, has drawn the ire of the governorship aspirant of the Social Democratic Party, SDP, Barr Eyo Ekpo, who called for communal efforts to help curtail increased crime rate in the State.

    The name of the victim could not be established as at press time but reports say the student was not part of Senator Enoh’s team and that a ‘stray bullet’ located the victim to his house where he was sitting, dressed only in his boxers.

    Reacting on the incident, Ekpo asked rhetorically, “is it merely coincidental that this violence erupted in Obudu, the hometown of the present governor? There have been allegations and reports of the incident being linked to the present state government and its appointees, this is yet to be confirmed but one can say ‘res Ipsa loquitur’, (the facts speak for themselves).

    “Young people need to realise that joining cults, bearing arms, and wreaking havoc is a misdirection of their youthful resource. No politician or elite is worth killing or dying for. If an activity involves bloodshed, it most certainly isn’t worth the struggle. How does the youth leader of a community declare a ban on political consultations or activities in their locale?

    “I feel sadness, deep sadness that borders on outrage. How much longer does this have to go on for? I hear that the young man who lost his life was until his death, a student of the Federal College of Education Obudu, and was not involved in the fracas but was sitting in front of his house when the bullets hit him. No one will ever know now, what his life would have become, perhaps the future governor of Cross River State? My heart goes out to his family at this terrible moment.

    “This is one death too many and enough simply is enough! As parents, guardians, siblings and relatives, we have to come together to fight the increasing crime rate before it becomes the accepted norm. From the hills of Obanliku to the Creeks of Bakassi, we no longer sleep with our eyes closed; this, in a State which used to be the envy of others because it boasted of peace and serenity.

    “We must not let this go on and the solution has to be a communal effort. Another four years of an administration that encourages and/or does nothing to stop crime and cultism will be a disaster. We have an opportunity now to recover and restore our state and we must grab it with both hands if we truly want the Cross River of our dreams.”


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