Bishop Isong Tasks FG on Insecurity… Says Insurgency, Militancy Caused by Wrong Upbringing


By Magnus Effiong

The Presiding Bishop of Christian Central Chapel Int’l located in 8 miles, Calabar, Bishop Emmah Gospel Isong, has called on the federal government to “fight insecurity with the same zeal it is using in fighting corruption.”

In a chat with our reporter, Bishop Isong, who is also the National Publicity Secretary of Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria, PFN, reasoned that if Abuja could use same zeal, the issue of insecurity would reduce drastically for Nigerians to sleep with their two eyes closed.

His words:“the federal government should promote unity among Nigerians and love among various ethnic groups in the country and not take side in supporting and abetting any group to cleanse another ethnic group.”

“Before they came on board, they promised us economic transformation, security and sustained fight against corruption. The federal government was to stand on three legs; therefore they should not be standing on one leg now.

“The change mantra that brought President Muhammadu Buhari to power was a three-legged change mantra and so they must not concentrate only on one – corruption. The life and property of Nigerians hang on the implementation of the three-legged change mantra.

“Government should try to ensure that human rights are protected. Our people should be allowed to have freedom of speech, freedom of movement and freedom of worship. They should ensure that Nigerians are allowed to choose their religion and not to be forced into any religion against their wishes. It is their fundamental right.”

He also blamed security challenges such as militancy, kidnapping, armed robbery and insurgency, on bad parental upbringing of children, noting that if parents had done their works well by raising their children and wards with the fear of God or Allah, Nigeria would have been a better place to live.

“I think as parents we have failed woefully in our responsibility of bringing up our children in a manner that they will fear God or Allah. I cannot imagine us carrying our Bibles and Korans on daily basis under the guise of worshiping God or  Allah, but at the same time killing and maiming in the name of militancy in the Niger Delta, Boko Haram and herdsmen.

“If parents had done their homework well, do you think that those young people would make themselves available to be recruited into those organizations? A time has indeed come for hands of all parents to be on deck to ensure the newly-born are brought up in the fear of God and love for a fellow man. We must stop preaching hate and seeing the other person as our problems.

“Herdsmen killings, Boko Haram isurgency, kidnapping, armed robbery cases and all forms of insecurity will end when our children are taught right values, brought up well and disciplined when necessary.

“As a parent, watch your children, talk to them, give them good education. Be a disciplinarian. Today we talk so much about child right but the so-called child right could also breed spoiled children,” Isong, a patron of the Nigeria Union of Journalists, South South Zone, said.


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