Drums of occult items burnt in Bonnke crusade in Calabar


Repented occult members and ritualists, who attended the gospel crusade, tagged Calabar 2018 organised by Christ for All Nation’s team, yesterday surrendered items such as charms, idols, occult materials, herbal concoctions amongst others, contained in about six drums and which were accordingly set ablaze by Evangelist Daniel Kolenda, the successor to now aged Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke.

Speaking while setting the items ablaze, Kolenda, who ministered throughout the 4-day crusade, said “these items you see here are juju and all sorts of idols brought by people in obedience to my instructions and we have set them on fire because they can only bring more trouble to their owners,” explaining that lasting peace and good life could only emanate from God only.

Our correspondent reports that there were harvest of souls, many physical healings and deliverance during the event as many people gave testimonies of healing from long standing cases of cancer, tumors , ulcers HIV, deafness, blindness, paralysis and other bodily pains and health challenges.

“I am not trying to undermine medical practice but when you are sick and you visit the hospital, all what the doctor does is to take diagnosis and after that gives you drugs. After taking the drugs, another problem arises which need you going back, but when God heals, it is total and without any side effects,” the Evangelist stated.

Evangelist said, while praying for the ancient city said the history of Calabar would be rewritten, adding “God is always on time; he is never early, never late in his dealings and this is the right time for Calabar to experience the miraculous and the history of this great city will never remain the same.”

Kolenda, who said he is not a politician, also called for an end to stealing of public funds, kidnappings, armed robbery and unnecessary killings in the country, and added, “Christ came so that everyone who calls upon the name of the said shall be saved and this salvation takes one out whatever addiction be it alcoholic, drug or homosexuality”

Dr Lawrence Ekwok, Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria, PFN, Chairman in Cross River state said Christ for All Nations team was visiting the state for a record six times and believed that with the miracles experienced during the four days crusade, Calabar would never be the same again

The programme was interspaced with musical rendition and testimonies from those who were saved and healed by God.


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