Fracas Between Fulani Herdsmen, Itigidi Community Claims One


As suspicion continues between Fulani herdsmen and many communities in the country, people of Itigidi in Abi local government area of Cross River state have accused herdsmen of killing one Isong Nkanu Egbe aka Dr Isong No Joke during a fracas.

A source from the community, who spoke through his mobile line yesterday said the herdsmen had earlier accused Itigidi community of killing one of their cow, a situation, they submitted may have allegedly led to the killing of Egbe by the Fulanis.

He said some traditional rulers from the area were invited by the police, adding “the Fulani herdsmen accused the people of killing their cow. And some of the chiefs and youth leaders were invited by policemen at Ugep Divisional Police in Yakurr local government area to be interrogated.

“This singular act irked the angry youths who demanded that their chiefs be interrogated in Itigidi Divisional Police Headquarters. The town was thrown into chaos following the dead of a mortician and an APC councillorship aspirant, Isong Nkanu Egbe aka Dr Isong No Joke”.

Speaking on the matter, Irene Ugbo, Police spokesman confirmed the incident, but explained that the said Fulani herdsmen did not attack the Abi community as earlier reported but that the community had some misunderstanding with the herdsmen and that in the process, some cows were allegedly killed.

“It is not true that Fulani herdsmen attacked anyone. The problem is that, the community had problem with Fulani herdsmen whereby some cows were slaughtered. And it was reported at the Division”.

“DPO invited the community leaders to come so they could settle the issue based on the cows that were reportedly slaughtered. When they were invited to the station, the Abi youths got the information wrongly that the DPO have arrested their community leaders because of the herdsmen; they were so angry, but that was not the right information; so they started making troubles.”

She did not say whether or not the said APC aspirant was actually killed. It was also difficult to establish the truth of the allegation independently.


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