Anyogo Advocates Establishment of Supreme Court in States


By Tina Ezin

A Legal Practitioner in Cross River State, Barr Leonard Anyogo, has called for enactment of laws that would establish Supreme Court in States.

He said establishment of the apex court would reduce the burden of too many cases on the federal judiciary and that most community issues would be handled at state levels.

The constitutional Lawyer made this call in Calabar while interacting with the Pillar on the state of the nation.

He said, “State Supreme Court is desirable.  Imagine issues of customary and chieftaincy matter in a community is brought all the way to the Supreme Court in Abuja when states can finally determine such matters.

“Currently, even the Supreme Court in Abuja has too many cases and that is why it takes quite a while to determine cases.  If there is a Supreme Court in the states, it will relieve Judges at the center and facilitate judgments which may take long in coming in the current dispensation.”

According to him, the Supreme Court would also impact on many people in the states, especially those who may not have the resources to follow cases in faraway Abuja.

Anyogo was of the opinion that restructuring of the Apex Court would enhance the knowledge of the public on the need to rely on the judiciary instead of resorting to self-help.

“People resort to self-help when they are deprived of justice, but with the establishment of Supreme Court in states, such tendencies might be redirected,” he had sermonised.


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