Ndoma-Egba, Prince Otu Lead in Opinion Poll

With few days to the Presidential and National Assembly elections, Senator Victor Ndoma-Egba flying the flag of the All Progressive Congress (APC) for Cross River Central Senatorial district election is leading in an opinion poll.

In random sample polls of 500 persons per local government as target population, Ndoma-Egba leads the opinion poll in five out of the six local government Areas that make up the Cross River Central Senatorial district. The councils he is leading include, Ikom, Boki, Obubra, Abi, Yakur while Dr Sandy Onor of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has a marginal lead in Etung.

This is an opinion poll conducted by experts from Anak Communications in collaboration with The Pillar Today for the Senatorial and Governorship elections in the state for a period of two months December 6, 2018 to February 5, 2019.

In Central Senatorial district, opinions were sorted from 3,000 respondents randomly involving both men and women, boys and girls of voting age and above and 62 percent want Senator Ndoma-Egba to return to the senate, 34 percent favour his opponent, Dr Sandy Onor while 4 percent were indifferent.

Most people who want Ndoma-Egba to return to the senate hinged their opinion on these parameters that he is experienced, is a ranking senator, can easily attract projects and employment to the people of central, has a chance of becoming the senate president if it is zoned to the south and his past records speak volume.

They said a fresh hand even though qualified to represent the district, will be struggling to be heard and will not be in the senate caucus when things are being shared or allocated and besides the way the state is now and the number of uncompleted projects initiated by Ndoma-Egba, it is good for an old and experienced hand to go in there.

They also argued that Ndoma-egba as a former senate leader is popular and well known in Nigerian politics and “as far as Cross River is concerned we should send our first eleven that have made their marks in the senate before”.

In South Senatorial, the odd favours Senator Bassey Otu of APC who is challenging the incumbent, Senator Gershom Bassey of PDP.

Going by the polls, it is going to be a tight contest as Otu leads with 58 percent, Bassey 40 percent while two percent remained indifferent.

Both men have served one term each in the senate but Otu has more years in the National Assembly than Bassey. Besides Otu has street popularity. Both of them have experience going for them.

But large number of respondents said Otu is a giver considering his tenure in the House of Representatives and the senate and he interacts well while on the other hand Bassey is seen as a quiet achiever who he gives strategically and has the power of incumbency going for him.

In North, the race is a very tight one. Both major candidates seem to go neck to neck. However, the opinion poll gives Chief Wabily Nyiam of the APC a slight lead of 51 percent over the incumbent Senator Rose Oko of the PDP who recorded 47 percent while two percent were undecided. The poll was done in the five councils of Obanlikwu, Obudu, Bekwara, Obudu and Yala.

Parameters used in the random sample include, experience, qualification, past records, achievement, chances of becoming senate president, ranking and few others. The exercise for presidential and senatorial ended on February 5 while that of governorship ended on February 11 across the state. The result poll for the governorship will be out in next edition.   

However, a public commentator and media consultant Mr. Paul Eko, said all the candidates need hard work to see them through besides their current records and public opinion.